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When ordering custom garments a major point to consider is print locations. It is common for a screen print or embroidery order to have a left chest, full back, or full front placement but there are many other options to consider if you're wanting something outside the ordinary.

Print placements vary per garment but the options are nearly as far as your imagination will take you. Today we'll focus on some uncommon but practical print placements.

Sleeves • A more common location on both long and short sleeves. Long sleeves have the option of using the length of the sleeve or do a shoulder or wrist placement.

Sides • These are best reserved for products with no side seams. A large torso print is definitely not for everyone but if you're looking for something out of the ordinary this is an option.

Low Front • Some brands have utilized a tag style print often seen on athletic wear on the lower front of garments.

Tag • Also not an uncommon print but its important to note that this print used on the back can also be available on the inside tag for a size label. Want to go full retail? This is an important print location.

Lower Hip • The lower hip is a trendy print location we use from time to time.

Low Back • This is also a very industry specific style but a usable location if you're willing to stand out.

All of these prints are based on a short sleeve tee but use your imagination on other garment types because some of these placements are possible on other product types.

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