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customization options

Bender Apparel can customize your garments several different ways. Each method has its own special characteristics. Want something simple and cost effective screen printing might be best. Want apparel with a more corporate feel embroidery may fit your needs.

corporate apparel

We work with several corporations and franchises providing crew uniforms and other workwear.  For companies requiring these special need options like housing inventory and even custom web stores. This is ideal for the food service industry.

screen print options

Screen printing has several different options:

Spot color printing: Artwork has 1-8 individual color layers. Most Common. Cost Effective. No minimums.

Simulated Process: Artwork has multiple color layers that blend to create a full color spectrum. Reserved for larger orders. Higher cost for art and garments. Best look and feel.

Direct To Film: A new process we are working with. Ink is digitally printed on a transfer film that is heat pressed onto garments. Allows for cost efficient full-color prints. Cost Efficient. Vibrant. Low minimums.

Screen Printed Transfers: Similar to DTF, art is screen printed on a transfer film and heat pressed onto garments. Special use include hats and sizing labels.

Vinyl Transfers: Not screen printing. Heat transfer vinyl is used for personalization.

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