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Fast food jacket embroidery


Bender Apparel specializes in custom embroidery, our clients use this to offer a high end look for their custom apparel. Our custom embroidery department is equipped with 29 heads of industry standard machines for high volume and quality production.

Custom Embroidery

We serve a wide range of customers from local businesses to nationwide corporations. Our machines produce as many as 15 million stitches per week. Customers can choose from products like Nike, Carhartt, and Richardson all great choices to help brand your business.

Pricing for custom embroidery is determined by stitch count and locations. Most logos are under the first tier stitch count pricing of 12,000 stitches. As designs get larger than the typical 5-7″ stitch counts become higher, detail in artwork also influences this.

embroidery options

Choose from a wide selection of thread colors even specialty threads like glow-in-the-dark for extra flair. Embroidery comes with the first thread color free, then a charge for each color after.


Quantity price breaks are also available for embroidery with minimums starting at 6 pieces. You should also consider our variety of embroidery styles like puff, satin, and custom patches for added dimension to your design.

See our blog to learn more about our embroidery services.


Hats Embroidered

Custom hats

Embroidery is the most common process for producing custom hats. Many clients run retail brands with hats as their core product, businesses also use custom head wear for promotional advertising.

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