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As we enjoy this holiday season, I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the year we have had here at Bender Apparel and Bender Signs. It seems even more appropriate that we take time to express our gratitude as 2018 was a year full of ups and downs. As many of …

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Custom Embroidery Placement and Sizing for Shirts and Jackets

When it comes to apparel design there are many decisions to be made. What type of apparel item, what colors, which design, and of course where to place the design(s). Our sales team can help you narrow down all these choices as they walk you through the process to make sure your custom apparel is …

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Bender Apparel | Custom Embroidery Placement and Sizing

Where can we embroider on a hat? There are several standard industry placements; for caps there are 4 common locations front, back, and sides. On the front, companies can choose from a few placements – a medium to small design off center, a small design along the edge, or the most common a full center …

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Bender Embroidery Machine

Halloween is coming and ghost stories and spooky tales are on everyone’s mind. Here at Bender Shirts, we don’t love horror stories but they can happen even in the field of embroidery.  Let me tell you a tale… To truly understand the story, you have to go back to the embroidery room where production magic …

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There are plenty of screen printing and embroidery shops to choose from these days, but Bender Apparel goes above and beyond to provide quality service and designs to each and every client. We interviewed the embroidery team leader, Clif Smith, to get a closer look into how Bender Apparel designs and produces our top-of-the-line embroidery …

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