After nearly 66 million years spent searching for a high quality and creatively designed tee shirt that was comfortable for his small arms and large body, Tee Rex stumbled upon the Bender Zoo. Tee Rex had a vision for the ultimate tee shirt that had both a great design and was the perfect fit.

Tee Rex was worried that the Bender Zoo wouldn’t understand him. Often times, Tee Rex has been misunderstood because he is large, powerful and people can be intimidated by his strength of creativity and speed to share ideas. Unfortunately, while Tee Rex knew what he wanted, he had a tough time communicating his ideas for the ultimate Tee Rex Tee Shirt.

He was surprised that the Bender Zoo got him. They listened to his ideas, designed a few proofs and then sent them to him for feedback. He was surprised at how easy it was to work with this team of wildly creative animals. They spoke his language, offered excellent customer service and top-notch creativity.

Bender Zoo - Tee RexThe highlight of Tee Rex’s seemingly endless quest for the perfect t-shirt? Not only did Tee Rex find a talented team to make his vision a reality but the design was affordable! Tee Rex was thrilled to learn his search had ended and that the Bender Zoo could give him a great shirt with a unique design that wouldn’t cost him a (short) arm and a leg. The other companies Tee Rex worked with before wanted to charge for top-notch designs or give him clip art but not the Bender Zoo; they believe in doing everything to the best of their abilities at the lowest cost. Overcome with appreciation and respect for this team of talented creatures, Tee Rex asked to join the Bender Zoo as an ambassador. He would travel throughout the land spreading the word about this incredible company. But first, Tee Rex would need to be trained by the talented Bender Zoo members. After all, it’s through extensive training in everything from design to embroidery to exceptional customer service that makes Bender Zoo the best in the business.

Not many know that Tee Rexes are smart and can smell a good design from miles away. Tee Rex is using his talents and bigger-than-life presence to let the world know that the animals at Bender Zoo can make their design dreams a reality, with a quickness. How quick? Let’s just say it’s faster than Tee Rex chasing down dinner. Now, that’s fast!

Call the Bender Zoo today and see how our team of crazy customer-focused animals can help your company with your next Tee Rex-approved tee shirt design project.


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